Scared Serverless? Don’t be.

Serverless functions are becoming a bigger part of microservices applications in today’s modern software architectures, helping organizations gain flexibility and substantially cut compute costs. But are those applications performing well to deliver business value? It’s hard to know, because nothing about serverless fits the model of how application performance monitoring works. Today’s tools don’t work well in the serverless world, when a function executes and is gone before its performance can even be observed. Tracing stateless requests with no runtime is extremely difficult.

IT organizations understand the benefits of serverless, but they are scared to manage it. Join David Rubinstein, editor-in-chief of SD Times, Chris Farrell, technical director and APM strategist at Instana and Drew Flowers, Solution Architect at Instana, as we dive into the challenges of monitoring serverless functions and talk about ways to gain production-level visibility into these applications.

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