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Pivotal Container Service (PKS) Monitoring

Monitoring Pivotal Container Service (PKS) for Application Performance

Monitoring PKS based microservice applications requires visibility at every layer of your application stack. Instana automates the entire process of monitoring Kubernetes (K8s) containerized applications, including automatic discovery of all application components, platforms, containers, Kubernetes, and services. Once installed, Instana automatically discovers all Kubernetes, clusters, pods, and application components, deploys monitoring sensors for each, maps all application dependencies, and begins monitoring full stack application performance – with zero effort on your part.

Introduction to PKS

The Pivotal website states, “Pivotal Container Service (PKS) is an Enterprise Kubernetes platform architected for rapid results, scaling, and reliability on any infrastructure.” PKS includes dynamic load balancing, zero downtime updates, and automated health checks. With PKS, K8s clusters deploy on-demand through the command line (CLI) and API. PKS is available as a tile to be installed into Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) foundations alongside services and other runtimes, sharing BOSH as the underline provisioning and lifecycle management mechanism.

Monitoring PKS Microservice Application Performance with Instana

The Instana agent is packaged for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) as a Tile that provides end-to-end automation in deploying and managing the Instana Agent across the entire PCF foundation whether using Pivotal Application Service (PAS), PKS, services or any combination of the previous. The Instana Microservices Application Monitoring for PCF Tile is integrated into the PCF provisioning mechanisms. When new PKS clusters or VMs are spawned, the Instana Agent is automatically installed on it, no restarts or manual configuration required. When deployed into the foundation, Instana automatically and continuously provides visibility at the K8s, cluster, container, infrastructure, and application level. Instana then organizes data into context rich dependency relationships with its Dynamic Graph backend model.

The Instana Microservices Application Monitoring for PCF Tile provides the same functionality and benefits for PKS as it does for all other K8s environments. This includes: Automatic and continuous discovery – With a single, lightweight Agent per foundation, Instana continually discovers all components and deploys the appropriate sensors for each technology. These sensors collect configuration, changes, metrics, and events.

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Automatic dependency mapping – All application and service components are organized into dependency maps to understand their relational interdependencies. Every discovered component is mapped and its metric data, configuration, dependencies, and component health are captured.

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Immediate visibility – Instana immediately provides visibility and performance feedback as new code moves through your CI/CD pipelines. Instana automatically traces every application request flowing through your foundation and pulls together each distributed trace for a full, end-to-end view. This ensures you’ll always have a complete data set to see the exact impact of every deployment.

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Exact Root Cause Determination – Instana automatically performs full analysis of every user impact. Instana detects any anomalies, correlates metrics, traces, exceptions, logged errors, and configuration data based on application and service dependencies, providing exact root cause analysis in seconds.

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With Instana’s automatic and continuous discovery, dependency mapping, metric monitoring, distributed tracing, anomaly detection, and analytics across the complete data set, you’ll always know what is happening within your PKS based applications. Instana’s immediate, exact understanding of quality enables you to deliver better quality software, faster.

PCF Tile Installation: Getting Started

Whether using PKS, PAS, or a combination of both, to get started all you need is an Instana Account. If you already have an account, simply follow the PCF installation instructions below. If not, you can still see how the Instana Microservices Application Monitoring for PCF tile works in action with a free trial account. Sign up for a free trial of Instana today and then follow the installation instructions below. Installing Instana Microservices Application Monitoring Tile in OpsManager

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  1. Download the product file from Pivotal Network
  2. Navigate to the OpsManager Installation Dashboard and click ‘Import a Product’ to upload the product file
  3. Under the ‘Import a Product’ button, click ‘next version number of Instana Microservices Application Monitoring’. This adds the tile to your staging area
  4. Click the newly added ‘Instana Microservices Application Monitoring tile’
  5. The Instana Agent requires minimal configuration:
    1. Where is the Instana backend?
    2. What is your agent key
  6. Save the configuration
  7. The Instana tile will now be a ‘pending change’ in OpsManager
  8. Click ‘Apply Changes’ to roll out the Instana agent across your entire PCF foundation
  9. Update the foundation to receive the Instana Agent

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

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