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Clojure Monitoring

Clojure Monitoring and Performance Management

is a fully functional programming languages mainly built by Rich Hickey, but maintained by a large open source community. Since Clojure is the most commonly used functional programming language on the JVM, Instana’s Clojure Monitoring offers comprehensive performance and health management for applications and services written in Clojure.

To understand and optimize Clojure application performance and further automate performance management workflows, Instana’s automatic JVM Monitoring goes beyond simple metrics to provide a comprehensive set of management and monitoring features:

  • Discovery of JVM instances
  • Zero configuration health monitoring
  • Automatic tracing of HTTP service endpoints
  • Automatic code instrumentation for supported technologies (e.g. Spring Boot, Apache Tomcat, and others)
  • Visualization of service dependency maps
  • Tracing of all end-to-end requests across all systems and services
  • Automated application and service discovery

Comprehensive Clojure Monitoring requires performance visibility for the physical or virtual host, containers, JVM instances, typical JVM metrics (like Garbage Collection data), and any application and service code deployed into the JVM instance.

Instana is the quickest and easiest way to monitor Clojure based services across the stack to deliver comprehensive application insights. The Instana agent automatically discovers all JVM instances, deploys the necessary monitoring sensors and begins tracing applications and requests. Instana also automatically determines not only the health of the JVM instances, but also for applications and services running inside.

Monitoring Clojure Performance

Once deployed, the Instana Agent automatically identifies all running Clojure application instances – then deploys and configures Instana’s Clojure Monitoring sensor without any manual effort, as well as additional sensors for technologies used in the Java applications running inside the JVM. Instana’s curated knowledge base already knows what performance metrics are relevant for collection and how to collect them. To monitor Java services health, additional metrics are also collected. Since Instana’s automatic configuration collects all relevant information, monitoring Java instances couldn’t be easier.

To determine overall service health, the Instana Clojure Monitoring sensor also collects KPIs on the monitored JVM-running environment to determine its health status.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and health signatures from the curated knowledge base, Instana automatically detects issues with individual JVm instances and and issues service incidents. Based on severity, Instana automates incident escalation and root cause identification, helping you solve issues before users are impacted.

Instana Service Quality Metrics

Java Monitoring Data

Instana Clojure Monitoring includes two types of data; Performance Metrics and Health Signatures:

JVM Performance Data JVM Health Signatures
GC Activity Code Cache
Memory Usage PermGen / MetaSpace Size
Memory Pools GC Activity
Threads Heap Size and Usage

Additional metrics are acquired based on technologies and frameworks deployed into the Clojure applicatation or service.

Further information on the different sensor information is available in the
Instana Clojure Management Documentation.

Java Sensor Installation: Getting Started

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