Three Reasons to Attend SREcon!

August 26, 2018

Instana - Enterprise Observability and APM for Cloud-Native Applications

Stan is on the road a lot. He learned early on that there are conferences for everyone these days; Developers… DevOps… even dinosaurs.

But what about Site Reliability Engineers? YES! There’s also a conference just for you.

It’s called SREcon!

Before we talk about SREcon, let’s talk briefly about what makes an SRE an SRE. Ben Treynor, VP of Engineering at Google was once asked this question. Simply put, his answer was that “it’s what happens when you ask a software engineer to design an operations function.”  

So if you care about application availability, latency, performance, efficiency, monitoring, and emergency response, you’re probably an SRE or want to be one. Heck, you might be an SRE already and not even know it.

And that’s why you should check out SREcon, a gathering of engineers who care deeply about site reliability, systems engineering and working with complex distributed systems at scale. With SREcon right in our back yard, we wanted to highlight three reasons you should attend.

1 – Tech Talks à la SRE

Sessions make a show, and SRECon is no different. Here are Stan’s top 3 sessions:

  1. Data Visualization for SREs — An Essential Skill for Quick Debugging
  2. Availability, Latency, and Cost: Withstanding Regional Outages
  3. Scalable Coding—Find the Error

2 – Deliver Faster with Confidence at Booth #9

At Instana, we’re all about speed and providing quality monitoring data.

Stop by our booth to see the Personalized APM Experience that allows you to deliver quality applications faster, with confidence.

Oh, we’re giving out robot goodies, too!

3 – Get Some Fresh Air – Look to the Sky

Whenever we go to conferences we always try to see some sights in after the conference is over. One of the many cool places to check out in Dusseldorf is the Rheinturm (Rhine Tower), which measures 218 meters high  – clearly the city’s tallest building!

What is less obvious is that it’s also the world’s largest digital clock. The tower lights up to display the time down the side walls as dusk approaches. By day you can revel in the 360 views from the observation deck and by night, dine in the revolving Gunnewig restaurant at the top.

Can’t go to SREcon? Check out where Stan is going next for a little inspiration!

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

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