Monitoring .NET Core on Linux and Windows


.NET Core, the cross platform successor of the DotNet Framework, brings the power of .NET to operating systems like Linux, OSX, and Windows and also optimizes maintainability of the platform itself.

With the availability of ASP.Net on Linux and Windows, the two major operating systems for servers, .NET Core becomes one of the top choices to implement fast web-services quickly.

For that reason, Instana AutoTrace integrates the functionality to automatically enhance existing services with tracing and metrics capabilities, without the need to change the source code and clutter the application with non-business related artifacts.

Service Instrumentation for .NET Core Distributed Tracing

To achieve that, Instana AutoTrace attaches itself to the CLR runtime and injects minimalistic probes at known places. No source code changes are necessary, which enables operations to introduce distributed tracing and performance metrics capabilities without the need to wait for engineering.

On the other hand, engineering can focus on the business use cases, without the need to add monitoring artifacts for the typical patterns.

Instrumentation Process For Dot Net Core

Instrumentation Process for .NET Core Applications

Further details on how the automatic instrumentation process works is available in our blog post “Instana introduces automatic distributed tracing of .NET Core”.

Continuous, Full Stack .NET Core Monitoring

With the Instana AutoTrace .NET Core tracer, Instana offers the unique and fully automatic monitoring experience to the .NET ecosystem. Apart from performance metrics of the CLR itself, Instana constantly analyses the infrastructure and container landscape to discover newly started services and their dependencies between infrastructure, hosts, and services; fully polyglot.

The gathered knowledge is not only used to build out a dependency map, but also to correlate issues between dependent services and infrastructure, providing as much information as possible for root-cause analysis and quick problem-solving.

Instana Service Dependency Graph
Instana’s Dependency Map offers a quick overview of connected and dependending services

Getting Started with Instana .NET Core Monitoring and Tracing

Monitoring .NET Core applications with Instana is as simple as setting 3 environment variables, with one depending on your operating system.


        # Linux

        # Windows

Any .NET Core application being started afterwards will be automatically instrumented by the Instana Agent using AutoTrace technology. Further information is available in our documentation.

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