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Instana - Enterprise Observability and APM for Cloud-Native Applications
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Happy birthday Instana! What is so special about our company that has helped us make it to such a major milestone?
Lambda functions require a different approach to monitoring - traditional methods (sampling or manual instrumentation) simply fall short for monitoring and tracing Lambda functions.
A huge monolithic application. No documentation. A major project to fully migrate to the cloud. What was the DevOps team at uShip to do?
Kubernetes has accelerated the complexity of software development. The industry needs observerability to manage these emerging systems.
Writing microservices is not only using frameworks, but using patterns like Circuit Breakers and Timeouts to secure communication between services. See the concepts and how they can be used together.
Docker vs Kubernetes: Is Docker dead? Can you still use Docker Swarm or should you jump straight to Kubernetes? Find the best solution.
Writing software systems is easier than ever before. Resilient and fault tolerant systems, however, are still tricky. The major factor to keep in mind, to embrace that failures can and will happen. Re
Are your observability tools as clunky as a hybrid DVD-VHS player? It's time to upgrade to a best-in-breed solution for handling your log management and monitoring.
GraphQL provides an efficient and flexible approach to query or mutate data off of a Web API. Therefore GraphQL builds on the foundation of HTTP transport, however, instead of using multiple endpoints

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