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Part of our technical Education program, Instsana SRE Bastian Spanneberg discusses an important (but many times forgotten) art - achieving the necessary scale and performance at a more efficient (er,
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In another example of Instana using Instana for our own website, we discovered a Gatsby plug-in bug AND fixed it - mere minutes after 3 users began having an issue with our new docs site.
An article on the whys and hows of integration tests and how to automate them using the Testcontainers framework and Docker.
This is the fourth post in a series on the Life of an SRE at Instana.
This is the third post in a series on the Life of an SRE at Instana. Check out the first post and second post.
Instana’s 1 second metrics resolution and auto-detection of components makes it easy to get answers for the most pressing questions when hosts get rebooted without prior notice. 
Whenever I get into a conversation regarding what I consider unnecessary surface complexity of various trace instrumentation interfaces and toolkits, the words "confusion", "complicated", and "challe
Instana’s automatic discovery and monitoring of Cassandra nodes and clusters, as well as alerting on change events, makes our daily works as an SRE a lot easier.
With the term Observability taking on new meaning and application daily, it seems next to impossible to be able to compare projects, products, solutions, and offerings. One vendor will claim

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