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Docker vs Kubernetes: Is Docker dead? Can you still use Docker Swarm or should you jump straight to Kubernetes? Find the best solution.
Proxies are invisible workers that help keep networks safe, optimise bandwidth, offload processing from backend servers, and ensure the smooth flow of requests. A typical request from your computer ac
A great company culture is a constant work in progress. At Instana, we always have our core values in mind in everything we do.
Instana and OctoPerf collaborate to show you how load test and APM tools, when used together, amplify the value of each solution.
In a dynamic application, how can you possible keep track of all your services, their endpoints, and how they work together? Surprise surprise, Instana does that for you - automatically, Think of serv
The first in a series of blog posts summarizing application scaling strategies for SREs, DevOps and Software Developers. Based on the Cloud Administrators Guide and the SRE Handbook, the series will b
How automatic root cause analysis works using dependency graphs, event correlation, anomaly detection, and built in expert knowledge base.
2018 marks the year of Democratization of APM - a shift that allows Application Performance Management tools to be used by any - and every - DevOps team member.
We thought there was no downside to applying AI and automating APM , until Stan got this open letter from one of Instana's Sales Engineers. Evidently, Stan is getting the "hero" status at accounts, se

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