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Instana - Enterprise Observability and APM for Cloud-Native Applications
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Happy birthday Instana! What is so special about our company that has helped us make it to such a major milestone?
Instana's InfoSec Manager looks at the EU-US Privacy Shield, why achieving compliance is important, and delivers the news that Instana is compliant.
Lambda functions require a different approach to monitoring - traditional methods (sampling or manual instrumentation) simply fall short for monitoring and tracing Lambda functions.
Context Guide: When you're troubleshooting application issues you need immediate access to all dependent components including their health and KPIs
Over 25 years in, the general-purpose programming language PHP is still going strong. Not only thanks to massively popular systems such as Wordpress, but also due to the support of backing companies l
Instana has made it easy for users to personalize summary overviews so they can immediately get to the information they need, without the noise of the entire environment.
SmartAlerts, Instana’s revolutionary new approach to alert management, makes the alerting process effortless, intuitive and intelligent.
Instana has created an automated and continuous production profiler designed from the ground up to have extremely low overhead. This enables developers and SREs to continuously analyze code-level perf
Instana Mobile EUM provides all the information you need to know if Mobile app performance issues lie within the mobile device, the network, or the backend services.

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