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Author: Steve Waterworth

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Instana APM works seamlessly with other DevOps tools. This post walks through automatically sending application incidents from Instana to VictorOps.
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Tight integration with best of breed solutions for log aggregation, such as Humio, gives Instana users the freedom to choose how to cover all troubleshooting use cases
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Discover how to do canary testing with Istio and get immediate feedback with Instana. Enabling CI/CD speed while maintaining service quality.
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Learn how to push Instana events into Humio
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Proxies are invisible workers that help keep networks safe, optimise bandwidth, offload processing from backend servers, and ensure the smooth flow of requests. A typical request from your computer ac
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Kedron UK, a leading Network & Application Performance Management Consultancy, adds Instana to their toolkit to help their customers deliver high performance microservice and cloud applications.
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Instana has been tested to work exactly as expected with GKE on-prem. Learn about the value you get from monitoring GKE, application services, and infrastructure metrics using Instana's latest release
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Everything you always wanted to know about monitoring Docker (but didn't even know to ask). By the end of the post, you'll have a working microservice commerce app and a running Instana instance (as a
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You've probably been hearing about this new buzzword - Observability - and how it's replacing Visibility in the monitoring world. We break through the confusion and help demystify observability, expla

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