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Lambda functions require a different approach to monitoring - traditional methods (sampling or manual instrumentation) simply fall short for monitoring and tracing Lambda functions.
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In another example of Instana using Instana for our own website, we discovered a Gatsby plug-in bug AND fixed it - mere minutes after 3 users began having an issue with our new docs site.
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Part of our technical Education program, Instsana SRE Bastian Spanneberg discusses an important (but many times forgotten) art - achieving the necessary scale and performance at a more efficient (er,
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Instana's InfoSec Manager looks at the EU-US Privacy Shield, why achieving compliance is important, and delivers the news that Instana is compliant.
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Application Performance Management (APM) first came to market around 2000 when the Java language and the “3-tier architecture” was becoming dominant.
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Tracing is a core element of every Application Performance Management tool. It is called “User-Defined Transaction Profiling” by Gartner and has two important values for the users of APM tools:

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