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Happy birthday Instana! What is so special about our company that has helped us make it to such a major milestone?
In another example of Instana using Instana for our own website, we discovered a Gatsby plug-in bug AND fixed it - mere minutes after 3 users began having an issue with our new docs site.
Instana's InfoSec Manager looks at the EU-US Privacy Shield, why achieving compliance is important, and delivers the news that Instana is compliant.
Lambda functions require a different approach to monitoring - traditional methods (sampling or manual instrumentation) simply fall short for monitoring and tracing Lambda functions.
Part of our technical Education program, Instsana SRE Bastian Spanneberg discusses an important (but many times forgotten) art - achieving the necessary scale and performance at a more efficient (er,
An article on the whys and hows of integration tests and how to automate them using the Testcontainers framework and Docker.
A huge monolithic application. No documentation. A major project to fully migrate to the cloud. What was the DevOps team at uShip to do?
Context Guide: When you're troubleshooting application issues you need immediate access to all dependent components including their health and KPIs
The world during COVID-19 is fluid, with things changing constantly. It’s impacting everything in our day to day life including tech events. Here's the lastest on some of the events that are going v

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