Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for DevOps

Automated Monitoring, Application Management, Real-Time Insights, Value to All Stakeholders

Zero-Effort Understanding of Every Service’s Health and Availability

Instant Accurate Knowledge for Non-Experts

Real-time application maps provide accurate visualization of what’s happening right now, allowing DevOps engineers to quickly know what’s working, what’s not and why

Application / Infrastructure Map for DevOps Application Performance Monitoring
Troubleshooting and Application Performance Monitoring for DevOps

See EVERY Request – EVERY Outlier – EVERY Problem

Identify 100% of all outliers using Instana’s all-inclusive Unbounded Analytics™ engine with zero-sampling distributed tracing so you immediately have the data you need to solve issues

Application Delivery Pipeline Acceleration with Automatic Observability, Monitoring and Analysis

Everything DevOps Needs to Monitor Applications and Solve Problems Quickly

Monitor every service and event endpoint while also tracing every single request – ALL AUTOMATICALLY – zero touch, zero config, zero code changes and zero restarts.

DevOps Dashboard - Application Performance Monitoring - Traces and Services
Immediate Application Performance Feedback for DevOps

Immediate Feedback on Impact of Any New Code

Understand the impact of any code changes within seconds of deployment to maintain high performance and service stability no matter how often you deploy

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Immediate Understanding / Expertise in ANY Deployed Technology or Code

Monitor Practically Anything Instantly with Zero Human Configuration Needed

With over 100 monitoring sensors that each come with built-in health rules and alerts, you won’t waste your valuable time on setup or configuration

Application Performance Monitoring for DevOps - Monitor Anything
Automatic Root Cause Analysis for DevOps

Automatic Incident Analysis and Troubleshooting

Using its understanding of normal behavior and system health, Instana automatically manages service problem alerting and root cause analysis, providing immediate understanding of current service impacts

Instana Technology in Action!!!!

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